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Natural Inner Cycles Workshop


A course on how to understand your menstrual cycle and live in harmony with your body... BOOST creativity, fertility, intuition and prevent burnout by learning how to work WITH your cycle not against it! Learn how to listen to your body, balance your hormones, reconnect to the POWER of your menstruation and harmonize your life to this CYCLICAL way of being with this unique course! What if attuning yourself to your internal rhythms would make you more productive and show up with more MEANING in your life? The workshop will help you observe and align with Nature's rhythms, so you can harness its potent energy by gaining insight into your own subtle rhythms, heightening your powers of creativity and intuition. Incorporate this wisdom into your life through lectures on our menstrual cycles, feminine archetypes, yoga asana, breath work, journaling and meditation. These practices can be repeated again and again to support you through any stage of your life. What you are getting: > Cycle mapping guides and video lecture > 4 intimate and insightful lectures on each phase of the menstrual cycle > 4 guided movement practices for hormone balancing designed for each phase > Yoga sequences pdfs for you to keep forever > 6 + hours of video content > 6 months access for you to experience your own cycles with new insight! > Journal prompts, resources & more! Disclaimer: Recorded version of a 2021 Live workshop. Due to the nature of this digital product, there are no refunds available.

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