"If you can breathe, you can do yoga." Patanjali



   English and Portuguese spoken. 

Feminine Vinyasa Flow 

Feminine yoga is not limited to a particular style of yoga or series of asanas. It is more about a shift in how you approach your yoga practice. Feminine yoga wants to be fluid and supportive of where a woman is in relation to the cycles that influence her life. The cyclical nature of a woman's life becomes more tangible, powerfully connecting our bodies to the cycles of our lives, including the menstrual cycle, the moon cycle, our life stage, and the seasonal cycle.

 Prenatal Yoga

A safe and grounding practice to cope with all pregnancy transitions and birth preparation. A moment to nurture yourself, to connect to your baby and to all the wonders of motherhood.

Postnatal and Mum & Baby Yoga

A time to slowly reconnect with your body's strength, find some calm and stillness in this exciting but exhausting times, and also have a moment to really nourish and replenish yourself as a new mother.  

Yoga for Fertility

Yoga practices designed to support a woman in her journey to starting a family. A safe space to meet other women in the same process, to connect to your body, unwind, and acknowledge all the intense emotions within. 

A Giselle tem uma energia incrível e habilidade enorme na condução de suas aulas de yoga. Mais do que apenas uma atividade, ela consegue aproximar e aprofundar a prática para um sentido mais amplo, espiritual, sempre trabalhando em nossas intenções e conexões mais pessoais. Se você está buscando yoga para trabalhar o corpo e a alma, recomendo muito!

Luiza Paiva

About Me

I’m a yoga student and Yoga Alliance Certified teacher living in Madrid. I am very passionate and inspired about yoga and the power it has to improve our wellbeing, embodying physical, spiritual and mental strength. Since I started practicing yoga, meditation, healing and spiritual studies in 2002, I've been in a great journey of self discovery, constant learning and profound transformation. 
Amazingly, a little after I started practicing, I find out my Grandmother used to practice yoga on her own and even taught a few postures to her children a long time ago. That made the journey even more special to me.
Now I dedicate my time sharing with others what I'm learning about reconnecting to ourselves, to Nature, our loved ones, searching our soul purposes and feeling more grounded through life's constant changes.  Even-though I don't believe it's possible to be constantly balanced as it is often fleeting moments in life, it's possible to navigate the changing tides with a sense of curiosity and self awareness available with these practices. As a mother now, this has become even more profound as turning into parents could be the biggest transformation of our lives.


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"Before starting the work of changing the world, go three times around your own house." Chinese Proverb

"Yoga offers a way for humans to thrive and maintain equilibrium in the face of impermanence. It does this by putting us in touch with that within us which is essential, unconditioned and unchanging in ourselves". Ana Davis