"If you can breathe, you can do yoga." Patanjali

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Hi! I'm Giselle and I help Women with imbalanced hormones feel more energized, have better periods and boost their fertility through Cycle Syncing Y Yoga and Breathwork.

Yoga Pose

Yoga for Menstrual Awareness

Go with your flow. I help women connect to the wisdom of their menstrual cycle and balance their hormones naturally through Yoga so that they feel empowered in their bodies. These practices will help you connect to yourself, to the wisdom of Nature, purpose and Spirit in the most magical of ways. 

Yoga on Deck

Yoga for Body and Mind Strength 

I help restore your connection to your feeling body, soothe your nervous system and strengthen your body & mind with practices rooted in the Ancient Science of Yoga. When we are feeling strong in our own bodies we feel like we can cope with anything life throws our way. Great class for Weeks 2,3 & 4 of your Cycle.

Female Dancer

Music is the driving force of this flow and how its choreographed sequences are built. Gently moving from one posture to another, we focus on the movement between the postures, uniting the breath and rhythm. Step into your authentic power through this invigorating practice and connect to the beating heart that lives inside of you. Great for Weeks 2,3 of your Menstrual Cycle.

Yoga for Dance Lovers


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About Me

I’m a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher, a mother, and life long student on my own soul journey living in Madrid. I have always loved movement, since my early days as a ballerina, movement is a big part of my life.

I fell in love with a Yoga that flows, is fluid and is aware of the transitions. In life we are moving from one transition to another, our bodies are always in a state of transition and Nature around us too. Conscious movement has the power to improve our wellbeing, stress levels, bring more joy into our lives by embodying physical, spiritual and mental strength.  

I believe that we only teach what we need to learn ourselves. My greatest hope is that some of my passion for this practice and lifestyle rubs off on you. Nothing worth doing in life is easy. Movement and breathing can more powerful than meditation. And consistent practice is everything.

Even though I don't believe it's possible to be constantly balanced as it is often fleeting moments in life, it's possible to navigate the changing tides with a sense of curiosity and self awareness available with these practices.


As a mother now, this has become even more profound as turning into parents could be the biggest transformation of our lives.


A Giselle tem uma energia incrível e habilidade enorme na condução de suas aulas de yoga. Mais do que apenas uma atividade, ela consegue aproximar e aprofundar a prática para um sentido mais amplo, espiritual, sempre trabalhando em nossas intenções e conexões mais pessoais. Se você está buscando yoga para trabalhar o corpo e a alma, recomendo muito!

Luiza Paiva

Pebble Beach

"Before starting the work of changing the world, go three times around your own house." Chinese Proverb