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Pregnancy Advice, anyone?

The minute you start telling people you are pregnant, the tips, recent research and advices start flying by, right? I'm probably guilty of doing it too from time to time, I must admit...

If anyone asks me though what I usually do is share a bit of my experience in the hopes that it might inspire others in their paths to parenthood.

Pregnancy is a great time to strengthen relationships... ALL of them! Starting with yourself; your shortcomings and your gifts; what your boundaries are and most importantly what makes you happy and nourishes you in a cellular level. This information will come in handy when you are postpartum and in a roller coaster ride with your hormones.

Then move on to Nature and Mother Earth itself. There is something very primal about pregnancy, birth and becoming a Mother that will connect you to Nature in a totally different and deeper level. If ever in doubt in the early postpartum days, seek inspiration in Nature. There are no straight lines or right angles in nature. Everything is a wave, a curve, a sinuous path. Rivers, as they dissipate their energy through a floodplain, form serpentine courses. It’s all back and forth.

Don’t worry that your everyday life is “all over the place.” when you become a first time (second or third!) Mama. That you try this and that. That you move from one side to the other. That you’re vacillating between being a mum, work, relationships, everything. This is the model given to us by nature. Ride it out. But also seek Healing and Silence in Nature. Feel it's nourishing arms feeding you so you can continue to feed and nourish your baby and life.

Then to your partner in Life. There is a BIG transformation coming up in your lives... Everything will change and transform. The stronger you are as a couple, communicating frankly your feelings and with kindness, the better off you'll be in the adjusting days, months or maybe even years into parenthood. More than "date nights" maybe what we all need is "deep vulnerability nights". Honesty and commitment is going to become really important in the day to day with a newborn and as a family...

Now you can move further out the circle, to family members and your community, meaning your support system. Strengthen these ties before you have baby. Raising a human is hard enough and to do it all alone is asking to deplete yourself on the way. In order to keep your sanity and wellbeing, communicate your fears of overwhelm and you might not even need to ask for help as it will start flying in...

I didn't have a clue about all this when I became a Mother 3 years ago...and maybe that's the way it should be. We sometimes don't listen to kind advice from people because it's not the right time yet. We need maturation. We need to feel things in our skin before we can truly comprehend them. Just like in Nature, it’s not about mastering something all at once. It’s about progression.

I wish you all the best in your Journey into Motherhood. <3

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