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The secret to biohacking life as a woman

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

The key to biohacking as a women is in our hormones.

Did you know the infradian rhythm (also known as your average 28-day hormonal cycle) creates a 25% change in your brain chemistry over the course of each month? For women, the key to optimal hormonal health — and overall health — is to eat, move and live in line with the infradian rhythm. The infradian rhythm is broken down into four distinct phases:

  • Follicular: Right after your period ends, you can feel fatigued and less focused.

  • Ovulatory: You might experience ovarian pain and acne, sometimes bloating.

  • Luteal: Hello cravings, and mood swings!

  • Menstrual: The Bleed...and fatigue, cramps, pain.

Our bodies require different things depending on where we are in our cycle. Want to know more? Join our online Course about Menstruality.

The Natural Inner Cycles online course will guide you through all the changes that happen in the female body and how to flow with it rather than resist.

Once you stop resisting the Natural ways of your existence you will flow more easily with life and not against it.


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